MASI – the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland is alarmed by the spike in calls from people who have been issued with a deportation order after spending years in the abhorrent system of Direct Provision. Asif has spent 5 years living in appalling conditions in Mount Trenchard Direct Provision centre. The Department of Justice and Equality ruined his life for 5 years while in Mount Trenchard Direct Provision centre only to serve him with a deportation order instead of providing psychological support. David and Fortunate Nesengani have been in Athlone Direct Provision centre since 2016 and have now been served with a deportation order. Malik and Abdul have spent 4 years living in a Direct Provision centre in Longford before they were served with a deportation order. Such actions demonstrate the cruelty that is deeply entrenched in the Irish asylum system where the Irish government keeps people in appalling conditions for years only to chuck them out in the end.

Donnah Vuma, Co-Founder of MASI
said  “As a mother, I worry that my children could one day face the same fate as the 10 year old child who was born and raised in Ireland then deported to Nigeria. Such cruelty must come to an end. The Minister for Justice and Equality must bring that child back from Nigeria. They belong here. Ireland is their home.”

MASI coordinator, Lucky Khambule, who has been receiving calls from people on deportation orders, said “it is heartbreaking to hear from distressed people who have spent years being denied their fundamental human rights in Direct Provision, crying and worried about their lives because they have been served with a deportation order. David and Fortunate’s home was burned down in South Africa before they fled. What are they expected to return to?”

MASI – the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland calls on the Department of Justice and Equality to cease the issuing of deportation orders and revoke any deportation orders that have been issued. Irish politicians, including Minister Charlie Flanagan, who spoke out against the deportation of Keith Byrne from the United States of America must end their hypocrisy and stop deportations in Ireland. It is an act of cruelty to expel a 10 year old child from Ireland when the country is the only home they know. The incoming government’s priority list must include phasing out the abhorrent system of Direct Provision, introduce a regularisation scheme for undocumented people living in Ireland, and establish a commission of inquiry into rights abuses in Direct Provision.


About MASI –
the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland is a grassroots organisation based in
Ireland. We are people who are or have been in the asylum and direct provision
system in Ireland, working and advocating together for justice, freedom and
dignity for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Our focus is on the Right to
Education and the Right to Work for all people seeking asylum, on the complete
abolition of direct provision and an end to deportations.

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