On Tuesday the 23rd August 2016, we learnt with shock and regret the passing away of a young Korean mother who resided at Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre at about 8:15pm. Circumstances that lead to her death are still not accurately clear at this stage as we believe an autopsy still needs to be conducted. From our talks with her close friends and residents, the body of this young mother was discovered by the security in her room just behind her door. We can’t disclose further confirmed details at this stage.

Residents at the centre got together on Wednesday the 24th August 2016 to discuss the incident and to decide on the way forward to deal with the situation as a group. One official for CCP also attended this meeting to offer her support to the residents. It was evident from the meeting that residents were aggrieved, shocked, sad and angry about the situation and the way they felt it was being handled.

Some residents claimed “the woman was admitted in CUH four months ago and everybody at the centre knew that she had mental problem, they also wondered why didn’t those in charge of her life didn’t do something about it when they had time”. Due to the sensitivity of this issue, we cannot place on record some of the feelings and the statements put by some of the residents.

The last respect to You Jung Han

Residents decided to hold a candle light vigil and prayer at the front gate entrance with a procession from the gate to block two where the late mother lived. Residents and other supporters came to attend this peaceful and respectful process to honour and celebrate the life of You Jung Han. This was a necessary process as it denotes the beginning of reality on this loss to all residents. There will be a memorial service as well to be held at the Catholic Church as confirmed by the Reverend Sister who was present at the centre. We also received messages of support from the Korean Society in Dublin via Mr Ken Hun Mok and they have offered their full support towards any other arrangements.

Provision of support and counselling

We were made aware that there will be services readily provided to any resident that feels he/she needs counselling from the shock of this untimely death.

MASI welcomes the overwhelming support received from all our supporters and friends throughout the country. We are saying one life lost in direct provision is one life too many and that should not be allowed to continue. We continue with our calls to end this direct provision system and allow us to lead a normal life with our dignity fully restored. We call on HSE officials to intervene on mental health issues as quickly as possible and save lives by not keeping those affected locked away in direct provision centres. When we highlight the conditions and the time that we spend in direct provision and its effects on our lives, its life breaking .It should not take actual death to make people realise how serious the situation is. There are lot of people in these centres that are like walking dead with no direction at all.

May the soul of You Jung Han rest in peace, we will always remember you.